Pacific Geographies #52

Two bed legs, Lou Island, Admiralty Islands, Collection Ludwig Cohn, 1912.
Source: © Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Gabriele Warnke

Managing editors of issue PG#52: Michael Waibel & Matthias Kowasch

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  • Stephanie Walda-Mandel
    The Colonial Heritage: Objects from the Pacific in a German Museum – DOI: 10.23791/520413
  • Annkathrin Löffler & Mats Garbe
    Viewing the non-profit organization Pacific Netzwerk e.V. from a postcolonial perspective – DOI: 10.23791/521421
  • Dirk Schwede
    Introduction to research project: CAMaRSEC: Climate-Adapted Material Research for the Socio-Economic Context of Vietnam – DOI: 10.23791/522223
  • Oliver Tappe
    Introduction to research project: CRISEA: Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia – New approaches and interdisciplinary dialogues – DOI: 10.23791/522425
  • Britta Schmitz
    Book review: Wish Lanterns – Young Lives in New China – DOI: 10.23791/522627
  • Eva Streifeneder
    Advertisement of regiospectra publishing house


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