Pacific Geographies #56

‘Rupert’ (title of art piece) by Ellarose Savage (artist), 2015 © Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn

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Managing editors of issue PG#56 (special issue in cooperation with the Pazifik Netzwerk): Matthias Kowasch, Michael Waibel

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  • Stephanie Walda-Mandel
    Defend the Oceans!’ Ghostnet Art and Environmental Activism of Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders – DOI: 10.23791/5604xy
  • Dominik Schieder
    Fiji Islander trans-border mobility in the Pacific: The case of Fiji and Japan – DOI: 10.23791/56xyxy
  • Duy Linh Nguyễn
    Street vending – a perpetual hustle How street vendors in Hanoi’s Walking Street negotiate their existence – DOI: 10.23791/56xyxy
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