Pacific News #34

Cover Pic: White & Black: Traditional Coffee in Vietnam. Photo made in Cao Lãnh City in Dong Tháp province, © 2010 Dana Kersten, Berlin.

The cover image shows the two most popular kinds of fresh Vietnamese coffee: The traditional milk coffee „cà phê sua dá” is pictured in the front; coffee is filtered through a stainless steel filter over sweetened condensed milk. Once all the coffee has dripped down, it is usually stirred and then poured into a glass over ice. The cup of black coffee without milk in the back iscalled „cà phê dá den“. Over the past decade, Vietnam saw the mushrooming of mostly locally based coffeehouse chains; the two largest ones probably being Highlands Coffee and Trung Nguyên Coffee. The price for a café latte sold there can easily exceed that of traditional milk coffee by ten times.

Managing editors of issue PN#34: Michael Waibel & Julia Albrecht.


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